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Alpaca Clothing - Ideal for Winter and Snowy Conditions

posted on 27 December 2010 | posted in Alpaca

Scarf and Hat

The last couple of years have seen unprecedented cold conditions in the UK. Snow has come in very early too, providing a "White Christmas" in the last couple of years in most areas of the UK.

We have noticed a rise in alpaca wool sales, mainly in the scarf and Alpaca Wool Scarf - tornadohats sections, but also throughout the range. The reason why alpaca is gaining its popularity, has to do in our opinion, by the fact it is not only warm but it is breathable. It is not an ideal sensation when you are too hot (which sometimes also makes you itchy) when you were wool or other materials. Alpaca wool has some microscopic air pockets which help retain the warmth while making it breathable which is why you will not get too hot. Alpaca does not contain lanolin either which is ideal as it will not amke you itch.

Our stock levels are healthy, however we have had some products go out of stock. Some may be replenished this season, for some other we may have to wait until next year. We apologise if some of your favorites are out of stock, however please let us know if there are some specific products that you are interested in, and we will make our best to source them.