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Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool has many qualities and characteristics. Many people use different terms to refer to the same thing. The aim of this page is to explain in a few words what alpaca wool is and the different types of alpaca used throughout the Goldstone Peru website.

About Alpaca

Alpaca's original habitat is the Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chili) however they can be fWhite Alpacaound today in many countries including in England. They are a domesticated species of south American Camelid. Alpaca produce a long fiber that has a broad colour range from white to black. There are two main species of Alpaca:

The extraordinary warmth and softness of both fibers are a source of inspiration for the development of the Andean textile industry, in particular during Inca times. This fiber plays a key role in the fashion industry in current times. Some key characteristics of alpaca are:

Alpaca Varieties

In this website we refer to the following varieties of Alpaca:

All of the alpaca products that we provide are extremely soft and of high quality. The finer the product the softer the product, however Alpaca Wool (the least fine variety) is extremely soft by itself.