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Is Alpaca Better than Cashmere?

posted on 4 September 2010 | posted in Alpaca

This debate has been going on for some time and will not be solve on this blog. Depending on which product you prefer, I am sure that we will find a way to highlight the materials characteristics to make it look more appealing than the other product. I am originally from Peru and I therefore tend to support the view that alpaca wool is a better material, however we need to highlight a few points here:

1. When comparing alpaca with cashmere, we need to be clear as to what we are comparing in order to decide whether one is better than the other. Are we talking about the products strength, its comfort, its resistance to water? Here is a link to a blog that covers this topic, even though it may be slightly biased toward alpaca. One of the key differences, is that alpaca is a rarer product than cashmere (made of goats) and therefore may hold its value better over time.

2. There is certainly an increasing demand for alpaca wool and more and more alpacas are bred outside of its traditional breeding grounds in South America and mainly Peru. There are however many different quality of alpaca products (based on size of the fiber in microns) as there is different types of cashmere qualities. This article explains some of the benefits of alpaca.

3. My personal opinion is that when looking at similar qualities, both materials are extremely good. I prefer alpaca because I believe that it has more longevity and is more versatile than cashmere, but then I probably biased by my origins.