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Why I started this site

posted on 13 April 2010 | posted in Alpaca

It is always good to start a blog with an explanation of the "raison d'etre" of the site. Country side roadOur visitors and customers should have a clear view of what the site is about, why it was created and what its ambitions are. Otherwise, a website becomes just like another website and we aim to be different!

I am originally from Lima, Peru, although I have lived most of my life in Europe. I was looking to purchase some time ago on-line alpaca products and found that many products were either over priced or of very average quality.

Having recently been back to Peru, I discussed with local suppliers and was able to find local artisans who would supply their goods at a price that would be competitive in the UK whilst providing them with a good income. I sourced my goods through a company that looks after their interests. Those products are traded on this site under my own label, KayJay

I also supply my products from one of the most renowned textile and alpaca companies in Peru. They have a keen eye for fashion and design high quality products whilst keeping in touch with the roots of the country and regions where they manufacture. Those products trade under the Kuna brand.

Our aim is to provide excellent value for money. We aim to fairly represent high quality firms from Peru and promote part of my heritage in the UK. We provide only 100% alpaca wool, including baby, Royal and Suri alpaca.

We hope that you enjoy your first visit to our site and that you come and visit us again. We will be adding other exiting products from Peru in the near future.

KayJay Label