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About us

Peru is a country whose economy is improving. Having been to Lima many times in the last few years, it is great to see some signs of prosperity and of commercial and industrial progression. We have seen some beautiful products that have been created and developped, both at artisan and corporate level. This is what inspired us to start our on-line store, specializing in Alpaca and Pima Cotton clothing. We hope to bring some other great products as we develop our business.

The Alpaca is one of the animals that symbolise Peru. They were originally bred for their fleece in Peru, Chile and Bolivia (mainly) for the last 6000 years. The quality of their wool is second to none. There are many varieties and qualities which allow for a range of products and prices, but many consider alpaca as a warmer and non-allergic material compared to goat wools and other materials traditionally used in scarves, ponchos, hats and jumpers.

Alpaca products are excellent in most seasons. They are ideal for spring and summer evenings and extremely good in winter. The range of products and designs, mean that alpaca products can be used both for formal wear and casual wear. They are also becoming popular in winter sports such as skiing, providing excellent warmth. One of the designs we stock is an 'all in one'/integrated scarf and hat, which omits the common problem of finding both when needed!

This store will grow to provide other products from Peru, so please continue to visit our site. Please send us a note if there is anything in particular you would like to see here!

We look forward to hear from you soon.