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Join London's Exclusive SalesGossipers

posted on 8 December 2010 | posted in News

Here is a nice initiative from friend of Goldstone Peru. Certainly worth trying this service if you like sales and you are in London!

Sales GossipHow do you know if your favourite brand is having a sale? Perhaps through the odd newsletter, or when you walk past a store but now, all you have to do to find the time and place of the next sale anywhere in London is visit

You will never miss out on a bargain again! All sales are covered - from H&M to Exclusive Designer Samples, from John Lewis to Armani, from MotherCare to Miu Miu.

SalesGossip will allow you to find out about any sale in London before or as soon as it is happening both online and on ANY MOBILE phone you use. Through email or sms, you will be the first to know about any sale that might be of interest to you. All FREE of charge! Now and Forever!

For the next 3 months the service will be on trial, and we can only serve a maximum number of 500 users at this point. If you would like to be one of the 500 who get all the sales info, please send an email to now! All we need is your email address and phone number and we will start letting you know about the latest sales ASAP.